sábado, 5 de noviembre de 2011

A Century of Ashes by Martin Cid

When my teacher of Ethic forced me to make a work about Tobacco and its good and bad effects on people, I was really angry: ‘My God!, I thought, another stupid boring work about a stupid boring subject that it is only interesting for politicians looking for votes.’
At home, I told my mother about my worries:
‘Oh, she said, I was just now reading a novel about tobacco. It is the story of a family who has a snuff planting in the United States. They obtain a special tobacco, a pipe tobacco very popular before the 1st World War. Afterwards, the new fashion of cigarettes ruins their business. The novel is full of strong jokes and the author tells a complete history of the smoking habit. I think you would like it.’
I started to read the novel and, yes, I enjoyed it. It was hilarious and I liked the main characters. Women were evil and men crazy people fighting for nothing, maybe for the pleasure of being alive (only sex and smoking was ok for them).
I wrote a good work (I think), with a good introduction (3 pages) of the Smoking Habit History, with other 3 pages of its bad effects and other 3 of the smoking pleasures. I concluded that one of the best things that you could do during the 20 century, it was smoking, a quiet habit in a world of wars.
The teacher was disappointed with me. It’s a shame.
I am excited about Martin Cid, my new favorite author.

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